Industries of the future Be 4.0 exhibition

From 20 to 21 November 2018 in Mulhouse

Calenco The power of reliable and fast technical information in the industry of the future

The Be 4.0, Future Industries exhibition is organized by the Greater East Region, Mulhouse Alsace Agglomération and the Mulhouse Expo Park, on November 20th and 21st, 2018.
Be 4.0 Future Industries Exhibition at Parc Expo Mulhouse November 20-21, 2018

At the heart of digital transformation

The rapid creation of strategic technical content from existing reliable sources and their automatic multichannel distribution are at the heart of the digital digital transformation of companies.

The client, the collaborator, the supplier, the shareholder, ... want to have quick access to personalized information on the medium and the language of their choice.

NeoDoc is a company specialized in software development for more than 15 years for the industrialization of technical, legal and marketing documents for SMEs and key accounts. It is now innovating by launching Calenco to support companies in their digital transformation.

Calenco: a solution with high added value

Calenco is the solution for creation, reuse of strategic contents and their multilingual and multichannel diffusion.

It facilitates the updating of all content to ensure the publication and dissemination of reliable documents of consistent quality.

The solution is accessible to all in SaaS mode and immediately operational. It is also available in license mode (on premise) for specific applications.

The Calenco solution is easy to use and accessible to all. It can also be integrated into complex IT environments.
Calenco SaaS solution accessible to everyone from SME to Big Account

An open solution ready to be enriched and personalized

Calenco is also an open solution. It is at the base of specific developments for interactive maintenance based on field inputs on tablets, or maintenance assistance for reading with smart-glasses in augmented reality.

It easily integrates with the company's IT environment to automatically retrieve data from an ERP, CRM, PLM, or publish in a DMS the final document. All of this thanks to an open API that covers the entire functional spectrum of the application.

Calenco works in partnership with integrators, consulting and support companies in digital transformation to continue to innovate in personalized high value-added applications offering significant and often immediate ROI.

Be 4.0 exhibition in Mulhouse

The Be 4.0 trade fair is a tri-national event, an opportunity for French industry executives and border countries to discover on the Calenco stand another way of producing and distributing multilingual technical content on different media.

Technology enables interactive technical data exchanges. While improving operator comfort, reliability of information, productivity, other maintenance processes are possible with Calenco.

The reliability, personalization and speed of strategic information are at the heart of the Industry of the Future ... and now!

Location: Expo Mulhouse Park

Date: November 20 and 21, 2018 

Stand: A-21

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Presentation of Be 4.0 Exhibition

Organized by the Greater East Region, Mulhouse Alsace Agglomération and the Mulhouse Expo Park, the Be 4.0 Exhibition will bring together on 20 and 21 November 2018 European manufacturers seeking to source innovations and technologies to meet the strategic challenge of transforming value chains.

More than 3,500 visitors are expected. Be 4.0 is a tri-national event bringing together French, German and Swiss solution providers. It illustrates the wealth of cross-border dynamics serving the industry of the future, while shining the know-how and excellence of the East.

This annual meeting is one of the highlights of the territory. Great showcase for innovation, it is part of the Enterprise 4.0 regional plan carried by the Greater East Region, which aims to make the region one of the European leaders in the industry of the future.