Automatic quote management

Provence Impressions: manage quotes, satisfy building clients

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A subsidiary of the Placéo construction group, Provence Impressions specializes in the production of decorative concrete flooring. Faced with increasing commercial demand, the specific automatic quote managementapplication was no longer able to keep up with a volume of 1,000 quotes per year, and was slowing the company's growth.

Calenco integrates with the existing process and IT system while remaining transparent to users. Calenco imports the contents of Excel sheets to generate the corresponding PDF estimate according to a predefined layout template with the appropriate general conditions of sale. Simultaneously, Calenco :

  • generates and stores in the right network directories of the company, the quote, an encrypted PDF summary report and a CSV file for the statistical analysis of sales,

  • sending quotes for review and validation to specific recipients.

Result: an automatic quote management process and satisfied clients

Calenco's API setup has automated the process, eliminating manual tasks to improve quality, responsiveness and productivity.

To avoid sales representatives having to re-enter information, the data is extracted from the CRM or Excel tables that the sales force fill in traditionally.