Writing-Disseminating: Documents 4.0

Writing: from pharaohs to digital

Documents 4.0: Technical, Legal, Marketing, and Sales


Technical Logo

Industries, Design departments, Manufacturers of equipment or services, Software publishers

  • Increase the quality and readability of the documents associated with your products or services
  • Create your online help
  • Customize your documentation
  • Reduce your translation budget
  • Reduce the time it takes for documents to become available
  • Switch to technical document 4.0

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Legal Logo

Legal Departments, Attorneys, HR, Real Estate Agents

  • Easily create your list of clauses
  • Optimize your regulatory monitoring
  • Customize your contracts
  • Ensure consistent presentation quality
  • Automate the production of certain documents
  • Switch to legal document 4.0

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Marketing / Sales Logo

Communications Department, Tender Responses, Sales Representatives

  • Create your own unique content base (prices, procedures, conditions, product sheet, etc.)
  • Promote teamwork
  • Disseminate reliable information (PDF, Web, Mobile)
  • Convincing business proposals
  • Fast tender responses
  • Switch to marketing document 4.0

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The ideal solution for OPTIMIZING and INCREASING THE RELIABILITY of 4.0 document production