Translation Platform

Integrated translation platform

Calenco provides anintegrated translation platform: Calenco Translator. Teamwork between writers and translators with no loss of time in the exchange of files

The integrated translation platform: Calenco Translator

Calenco Translator Features

You work with one or more translators in various languages to translate your documents. The integrated translation platform eliminates the exchange of files and reduces the time it takes to produce translated documents.

Translation Work Flow 

Translators have access only to the content that you give them for translation.

Translation Memory

The translation memory records the already-translated sentences and extracts only new sentences to be translated

Integration with Calenco

The translated and verified document is imported automatically to Calenco

The Calenco Translator space

Tracking of translations

Screenshots Tracking Translations

Translation interface

screenshot: Translation interface

Translation Work Flow

Teamwork between writers and translators is organized around Work Flow

Description of Calenco Translator

Calenco Translator is a 100% web solution in SaaS mode, completely integrated with Calenco.

You keep control of the translation memory. You send only new sentences for translation.

The more you enrich the translation memory the fewer words you send to be translated.

You choose your subscription based on your volume of "words to be translated".





Cherry solution
Kiwi solution
Mango solution

Volume of words translated per year

Up to50,000

Up to 100,000


Tracking of Calenco-integrated translation





Words translated


Total documents translated by language, followed by words saved


Total documents translated by language, followed by words saved

Integrated approved translation agency




Platform subscription/month with included translator

79 € exclusive of tax

119 € exclusive of tax

209 € exclusive of tax

Subscription per selected translator account/additional month

19 € exclusive of tax

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