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Introduction to structured writing

Calenco is based on the three founding principles: separation of content and layout, content reuse and multiformat publishing. They will help to optimize document creation, share content and simplify updates. Here are the main benefits of the Calenco solution.

Separation of layout and content

The separation of content and layout consists in separating the content of a document from its presentation. One will define on one side the content, for example the text of an article, and on the other, the layout.

The final document is generated by automatic application of a "style sheet" which creates a complete layout with the predefined graphic chart.

This principle allows writers to just focus on the content of the document without worrying about the final presentation of that document.

Content Reuse

Calenco creates and structures your documents by assembling single reusable source modules made up of basic contents.

Each information module (chapter, section, image ...) has its own life cycle to track it individually, or as part of a whole. Your final document is no longer a fixed set difficult to evolve.

Here are some benefits of this organization:

  • Dependencies: you know at any time which modules your document consists of;
  • Information only exists once in the content base: no more copy / paste to update;
  • Version history: you have access to all versions of one or more files.

And finally, any change to a reused content automatically updates the documents that use that content.

Conditional text

Throughout the writing of your documents, you will be able to tag certain contents, such as information specific to product variants.

It will thus be possible, during the generation of the final publication, to generate several versions of the same document, containing the information specific to each variant.

Multi-format publishing

Calenco automatically generates printable formats (clickable PDF, low or high-definition, Word ...) and web formats (HTML responsive, ePub, online help ...) integrating full-text search, audio and video elements. and navigation links.

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