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Documents 4.0: Technical, Legal, Marketing / Sales

The ideal solution for optimizing and increasing the reliability and dissemination of 4.0 document production


Technical Logo

Industries, Design departments, Manufacturers of equipment or services, Software publishers

  • Increase the quality and readability of the documents associated with your products or services
  • Create your online help
  • Customize your documentation
  • Reduce your translation budget
  • Reduce the time it takes for documents to become available
  • Switch to technical document 4.0


Legal Logo

Legal Departments, Attorneys, HR, Real Estate Agents

  • Easily create your list of clauses
  • Optimize your regulatory monitoring
  • Customize your contracts
  • Ensure consistent presentation quality
  • Automate the production of certain documents
  • Switch to legal document 4.0

Marketing / Sales

Marketing / Sales Logo

Communications Department, Tender Responses, Sales Representatives

  • Create your own unique content base (prices, procedures, conditions, product sheet, etc.)
  • Promote teamwork
  • Disseminate reliable information (PDF, Web, Mobile)
  • Persuasive business proposals
  • Fast tender responses
  • Switch to marketing document 4.0

Comparison of the primary market applications

Primary applications used to edit and disseminate content: WORD, FRAMEMAKER, INDESIGN, MADCAP FLARE

Comparison of exclusive features

This table is a selection of features established according to the criteria related to the design, management and distribution of all types of content, especially for technical writers.


MadCap Flare

Intelligent content reuse, modularity

Filtering, conditional text

Standardized format

Content / form separation

Management of large documentary volumes

Configurator for customized forms, screens, tablets (Android, IOS)

Multi format dissemination


Translation tracking

API to integrate all services into your system

SaaS / Hosting

Technical support

Customized development / cost

Deployment, training / cost

Word and all word processors were developed over 40 years ago to replace creation of documents using a typewriter. FrameMaker, InDesign brought professional solutions to improve layout and facilitate publishing. These proprietary solutions have been sold under license since the beginning.

These solutions freeze information content in a monolithic block called document. The document perception is a legacy of the typewriter, whose reference element was the document and its format (A4 and others, One-sided, or Two-Sided) for printing.


MadCap Flare and Calenco solutions, developed using new technologies, approach the processing of information from its content and not its format. This allows for content production to be organized by freeing it from page layout and increasing the reliability of the content.

These solutions adapt to today's multi-channel, multilingual, collaborative and immediate communication.

Calenco is a solution for production and dissemination of strategic content that is easy to use and accessible to all.