Technical documentation: Add value to your technical documents
Legal Document: Dynamic Writing, reliable, simplified
Persuasive, fast and neat business proposals

SaaS solution for creation, dissemination of strategic documents

At a time of rapid dissemination of information on different media (PDF, Web, Tablet, Smartphone, ...) sometimes in different languages, the fast and reliable creation of technical documentation, legal, marketing becomes one of the major issues of corporate communication.

  • Reuse content reliably (from a single source),
  • Automatically update a documentary corpus in several languages,
  • Customize content by recipient, product, country,
  • Quickly distribute information on the medium of your choice (PDF, Web, Tablet, Smartphone, ....),
  • Automate page layout and graphical charter. in accordance with the Company graphical charter.

All the services of the companies that generate content are concerned by this change of production and documentary diffusion.

Technical / R&D / Quality

Calenco greatly increases the productivity of engineering teams ​

An engineer equipped with Calenco is twice as efficient when writing content


Calenco makes the re-use of legal content more reliable

An attorney is assured of disseminating reliable documents. Automatic update.


Calenco brings a constant quality of marketing and sales documents

The sales department rapidly publishes persuasive proposals.

Publish and disseminate in the language and media of your choice

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Multilingual publication, thanks to the integrated translation platform Calenco Translator

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Multichannel Publishing: PDF, Web, Mobile.

For 14 years, companies of all sizes are adopting the Calenco solutions

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