The Context: Document production

Calenco is revolutionizing the production of strategic content for businesses and communities

In a company, the production of strategic content essentially serves to transmit knowledge, information and to formalize agreements (broadly defined as contracts). However, although for decades industrial tools have progressed in a sometimes spectacular fashion, documentation tools are still stuck in the stone age.

Today, information (strategic content) is disseminated quickly on various media (print, Web, mobile, etc.), and in many languages, to support the globalization of exchanges. However, word processing tools, created more than 40 years ago, have not adapted. They are often the source of major errors and delays in making information available.

To remain competitive, the industry was able to optimize its production lines and launch its products.just in time. However, it is not uncommon for launches to seen as causing delays in the production of technical documentation.

Strategic content must regain its rightful place at the core of company strategy.

Information quality and reliability are critical to the launching of a product
Information quality and reliability are critical to the launching of a product

Towards 4.0 conversion of companies

The professional of 2020 is ultra-connected and needs immediate access to information, just information, needed at a given moment, in a given context, on the most suitable media.

The information should be customized, well-presented, easily viewed and dynamic. This concerns technical information, legal, sales, marketing, training materials, etc. ​To meet this need, the information should be structured upstream.

Technology for structuring a document dates back to the '80s in the military and aeronautical fields, and it also remains largely inaccessible to business, due to its complexity. Thanks to its easy-to-use editor that allows you to take control quickly, Calenco makes the power of structured writing accessible to all.

Use Business Intelligenceto produce your strategic documents!

Smart Document

History: Calenco SaaS Solution

4 key phases​

  • ​ In 2004, NeoDoc, made up of technical writers and translators, began supporting companies with a range of services to help them produce quality documentation. Faced with the complexity of the documents, the loss of time spent searching for content to reuse and in the layout of the final documents, the NeoDoc team developed internal software to address the limits and disadvantages of traditional writing and layout tools. CALENCO was born....
  • Starting in 2010,thanks to the Calenco tool, NeoDoc became a software creator, supplying a collaborative document production platform, notably to large groups (EDF, SNCF, St Gobain, General Electric, Bouygues), who have tremendous needs in terms of the security, reliability and productivity of their strategic content. For example, this platform allows EDF to ensure the reliability of documentation for the operation of nuclear power plants, or for Bouygues TPto have better control over employment contracts.

  • In 2017, NeoDoc launches Calenco 3, an SaaS platform for small-to-medium sized businesses and communities, for which they already have more than 50 clients in France and Europe. This platform is fully in line with the Industry 4.0 approach to digitalizing organizations. Calenco's Saas solution simplifies and makes for more reliable strategic document creation for organizations (technical, legal, marketing, sales, training), in multiple languages and multi-media.

  • 2018 Launch of the Calenco brand "The Strategic Business Content Hub".

And success was right around the corner:

Calenco revolutionizes creation, translation, and multi- media publication of strategic business documents. Calenco's Saas solution is accessible to all, without special computing knowledge. Calenco developed its own editor (user interface) that makes the solution unique on the market in France and internationally.

Putting an end to the inherent complexity of structured writing, the solution is simple to use and the user can take control almost immediately.

A study carried out with clients using Calencoconfirms and quantifies the benefits related to using the solution:

  • up to 70% time savings for document updates

  • a 30% to 50% reduction in the cost of translation!

  • 100% of clients confirm that it has increased reliability in the reuse of content.

  • "Publishing in Pdf or WebHelp in 1 click is simply wonderful"

Approved and accepted by many customers See our customer references

The team

The team, comprised of 6 people, is directed by Camille Bégnis, founder and document production expert: 4 Developers, 2 Project/Customer Relations Heads located in France (near Aix en Provence) and in Argentina (Buenos Aires).

The Calenco team
The Calenco France and Argentina team present Calenco 3

Camille CEO NeoDocCamille



Fabian CTO NeoDocFabian



Almudena project manager NeoDocAlmudena


Project Manager

Stéphane Calenco Network partnersStéphane


Business & Network partners

Maxime Calenco DeveloperMaxime



Rémi Calenco Developer Rémi



Calenco Partners

Calenco was born out of the desire of a team of engineers, experts in document production, to create an easy to use solution, accessible to all, allowing companies and communities to simplify, optimize and increase the reliability of the production and dissemination of their strategic content.

The partnership : A corporate culture

Today, the market is more mature, companies are increasingly asking to increase reliability, speed up, and disseminate precise information. The time allowed for information updates and customization is continually shrinking.

Our teams welcome new talent, all motivated to meet the challenges of integrating cutting-edge technologies (artificial intelligence collection and integration of big data data, voice recognition ....) to make Calenco the hub of strategic content for companies and communities in France and around the world.

To do so, we will continue to rely on the advice, application needs of our clients and on sharing success with technological and specialized advice partners in digital conversion, close to our clients.

The partnership is part of the Calenco ecosystem.

We share the closely-held values of permaculture: Respecting the ecosystem, working in symbiosis (with each other and not against each other), sharing and mutual enrichment.

Historical partners: Our clients

Certain large accounts, mainly digital companies, became aware of the dangers and limits of word processing.

They worked in close collaboration with Calenco engineers to create the basis for a collaborative writing and dissemination tool that is accessible to all.

We are thankful for these document production managers, technical directors, company directors, for the support they gave us during those beginning phases.

Working collaboratively, exchanging and sharing are part of our DNA.

Technological Partners

You have knowledge and expertise that could boost Calenco performance even higher, facilitating its use by clients.

Meet us and get to know us. We will gladly share our garden.

Cultivating exchange with us:


MemSource Logo

Memsource is 100% web translation software that offers more features for business than any other system. It adapts to any translation need, no matter the size of the company. The technical partnership with Memsource allowed Calenco to create an integrated translation platform.

There is no time lost in the exchange of files. Each content or fragment is translated only once through the translation memory.

The translation budget is perfectly controlled.


DocuSign logo

​Through our integration with the electronic signature service Docusign you can send all your contractual documents (contracts, orders, amendments, etc.) to the signers, directly from Calenco.

Business and community consulting partners

You're familiar with the terrain. You know how to take care of beautiful plants, help those who wish to blossom, always with respect and in a natural way.

They sow and cultivate with us:


Ingestic logo

 Ingestic Ingestic, the Calenco Belgian and Dutch partner

Ingestic optimizes control of your information systems to get the most out of your data

A team of dynamic experts with varied profiles: Business analysts, Data analysts and Data scientists,...specializing in supporting clients in the Utilities, Mobility, Industry 4.0 sectors, and more extensively, Smart cities.



IGDoc logo

IGDOC is a Calenco partner specializing in document engineering. It supports its clients, primarily large industrial groups, in their document projects:

  • Writing quality technical documents
  • Document redesign
  • Management of document projects
  • Digitalization: Multi media document design (paper, digital, mobile)

IGDoc came about through the synergy between engineering and cross-functional activities, aiming for performance and continual improvement.

A team of document engineers from a variety of backgrounds bring their expertise to making documentation benefit its users

Discover IGDoc!

Become a Calenco partner

Your benefits

You wish to:

  • recommend "intelligent" document production solutions! (Technical, Legal, Marketing),

  • Increase productivity and reliability for your clients,

  • Introduce another way to Write - Translate - Disseminate strategic business content,

  • Support companies in their digital conversion,

  • Generate new consulting and support services,

  • Benefit from recurring revenues.

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