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RCR DECO and Calenco, story of a meeting

When two companies with recognized technical know-how meet: RCR DECO, a company specializing in the production of decorative concrete floors and NeoDoc, French publisher of Calenco, a SaaS solution for document production. The first questions how to optimize its work processes in order to be able to accelerate its commercial growth. The second has a software solution to support companies towards the transition to the era digital technology based on a new approach to work. How did these two companies work together to rethink workflows and optimize quote automation? What were the main benefits for the company and the teams?

Supporting a commercial ambition

RCR DECO is a company that produces decorative concrete floors for businesses and communities. A pioneer in the development of aesthetic and durable coatings, RCR DECO works on large-scale projects, whether in public or private spaces, highlighting cutting-edge technical know-how, real added value for the company. It also relies on its ability to meet the requirements of its customers with tailor-made solutions, which is reminiscent of Calenco's approach. With strong commercial ambitions, RCR DECO found itself faced with certain obstacles linked to its internal organization. An observation that led Christophe Mille, its CEO, to consider new procedures and new work tools, to carry out his commercial strategy.

Streamline tasks within the sales team

The main problem was identified at the level of the sales department, whose estimate management procedure was inadequate to cope with the growing power of the company. The system used until then was based on the use of two software, thus implying a double entry of the elements (spreadsheet for the edition of estimates and commercial management). A situation generating a serious waste of time for the assistants and a lack of responsiveness for the sales teams. Indeed, the issuance of each estimate required the intervention of a data entry operator, lengthening the processing time significantly. In addition, it required the availability of assistants, a dependency that could lead to delays.

In search of efficiency via automation of quotes

Management began looking for a more efficient and flexible solution. And the meeting with Camille Begnis, founder of NeoDoc as part of a club of young leaders, was decisive. Indeed, NeoDoc is the French publisher of the Calenco software solution, a structured writing SaaS platform. A solution fully able to meet the three objectives set by the management of RCR DECO: eliminate the intervention of operators in the creation of quotes, automate the process and facilitate the issuance of quotes in PDF format.

The simplicity of a tailor-made solution

The project managers and the teams of developers were able to offer a tailor-made solution, based on the criteria defined by RCR DECO in its specifications. After a short stage in which the Calenco teams demonstrated their teaching skills, explaining and reassuring, the new work process was quickly adopted by the teams. Deployed in less than six months, this new work methodology benefited from an efficient implementation and the teams quickly became operational given the ease of use of the software. The Calenco solution now allows sales representatives to make their own quotes, which are often complex, with a large number of data and technical descriptions. A simplified and unique entry that frees up the assistants' time and empowers salespeople, who are now totally in control of this stage of the work. Visually, the group's graphic charter has been integrated through the creation of personalized style sheets. Today three agencies use this solution, for an average of 200 quotes issued monthly, and new users, such as works foremen, could soon join the user group.

A convincing solution

Time saving, flexibility of use, ease of handling. This is how Christophe Mille sums up the benefits provided by the implementation of the Calenco solution. Gone are the days when business managers did their assessment before asking their assistants to come up with the corresponding quote. Quotes are generated immediately, allowing greater responsiveness from the sales department. The modifications, the corrections, all can be managed directly by the sales representatives, without having to request the intervention of a third person. This change in approach had the consequence of clarifying the work chain at the level of the commercial process and freeing up nearly 20% of the assistants' time, a gain in productivity which made it possible to devote themselves to other projects.

We were won over by the simplicity of the proposed solution. Time saving, fluidity of the work process, this solution has kept all its promises! underlines Christophe Mille, Managing Director of RCR DECO. And to conclude: This application could be used wherever there is still a good deal of copy and paste.

Once again, at the start of this project, a meeting, attentive listening to a need, and the desire to make our client grow with us. What a great reward for our teams to know our enthusiastic client! says Camille Begnis, founder of NeoDoc.