INGESTIC: advising and implementing sustainable IT solutions

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Consulting company, INGESTIC's mission is to help business teams (business) and IT (IT) to independently define and implement sustainable IT solutions.Objective : to enable its customers to transcend market and business developments.

As a result, INGESTIC positions itself as an "interpreter", helping to integrate changes in operational flows or to value data in high added value information.

THE SOLUTION: Calenco Content Management System (CMS)

It is within this framework of activities that INGESTIC proposes in particular the "Comuneris" service: a "business-driven IT solution implementation process". This is Calenco which is the heart of this tool as a Content Management System for Component (MCCS) or Components Content Management System in English (CCMS).

This professional content management system addresses the need for high added value information management; collaborative, full web, it has a multilingual management; modular, it adapts and personalizes without difficulties; it allows digital publishing, or the creation of dynamic Internet portals, and many other features.

RESULT: Calenco Component Content Management system is available to Ingestic customers

INGESTIC, after having tested it, now proposes the implementation of Calenco for all its customers in Belgium.