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Itiviti: producing quality documentation fast

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We are able keep up with the fast pace of our software development, thanks to Calenco.Mathilde Roch-Meyrand, Responsable Documentation, Itiviti.

A leader in the financial solutions publishing market, Itiviti counts more than 200 professionals in France and around the world. This international group chose Calenco for their document production.

Choosing a consistent solution to create and manage these documents was essential given the volume and rapid pace of documentation to be managed: nearly twenty manuals, corresponding to more than a thousand files.

NeoDoc assisted Itiviti during the transition to Calenco by migrating its existing documents (FrameMaker to XML DocBook format) and by creating stylesheets according to Itiviti's graphic chart for PDF, HTML, CHM and Word publications.

In 2010, we wanted to switch to structured documentation in XML in order to use Single Sourcing and work more collaboratively. After looking at various options, we chose the solution offered by NeoDoc. It filled our needs in a simple way.

The NeoDoc team took care of the bulk migration of several thousand pages from FrameMaker and Robohelp to DocBook 5. We were very happy with the way in which it was accomplished, all we had to do was simply monitor the project! Today, NeoDoc continues to take care of Calenco updates, since we chose SAAS mode from the start of the project.

Itiviti: meeting the challenge of keeping pace with trading floor software!

Itiviti is a developer of software for financial markets, offering a range of solutions, from the connection of financial institutions with worldwide stock markets, to trading interfaces. Keeping pace with software updates, and quickly making their manuals available on all media, print or online, is a critical issue in maintaining a high level of customer service.

Results with Calenco: saving time, money, and increasing reliability

The layout is uncorrelated editorial, technical editors Itiviti can focus on their heart of business: information architecture, document engineering, writing manuals and online help, design diagrams ... From a single XML file, Calenco generates files in different output formats. the objective to quickly produce quality documentation is reached!