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Automation of Labor Contracts​

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This project, initiated by the Group's Human Resources Department, is part of a productivity and quality objective and concerns the generation of contracts, endorsements and work certificates.

The HR Department produces a large number of contracts in about fifteen versions (for Executives, ETAM and Companions) and variants (CDI, CDD, day or hour packages ...), endorsements and attestations.

The goal was to replace Word and all its inherent risks of manipulation with an automated, easy-to-use application based on secure reference files.

"We needed a tool that could free the HR assistants from the different entities in the group, time-consuming Word formatting tasks with no added value. "

"The goal was to simplify the task of HR assistants as much as possible while ensuring that any new contract was based on the latest updated version of the reference model. So we were looking for a collaborative automation solution to save time while ensuring source security and document compliance. "

Benefits ROI

Calenco has made it easy to enter information via a Web application with a home page to access the different entry forms for each type of document: contract, amendment, certificate.

The application was developed in 3 weeks and the automation of the layout has eliminated unproductive manual tasks.

An Administrator has access rights to maintain the contractual content, business references, name and contact details of the agencies, the signatory and the contact details of the various social and health insurance funds, etc.

Unloaded from layout issues, users only enter content via forms with input fields, checkboxes, and drop-down lists to select options.

Calenco automatically archives the forms for modifications afterwards; the layout of the PDF document is automated; No more risks of mistakes or forgetfulness.

In addition the application is collaborative by allowing to work from anywhere and to share the lists of the last forms and documents produced in case of absence or replacement.


With Calenco

Average time to complete a contract

1 hour

5 minutes


Manual and heterogeneous


Number of speakers

2 or 3

1 only


Individual and file exchange

Centralized collaborative platform

The proposed solution with Calenco integrates into the existing process and IT system, while remaining transparent to users.