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Axess Technology: automated production and management of online manuals

Axess Technology, a Calenco reference Logo Axess

Axess Technology is a recognized player in the production of technical documents throughout France. With prestigious clients such as Decathlon, Areva or Alstom, Axess Technology handles all writing and translation of technical documents for their clients.

Axess Technology wanted to set up a professional content management system that would allow them to automate production of varied documentation in multiple languages.

THE SOLUTION: Web Manuals with the Calenco Components Content Management System (CCMS)

Thanks to Spelog's parts catalogue management software and Codoc, based on Calenco, Axess Technology offers an innovative IT environment for technical writing departments.

This professional content management system meets the requirements for automatization of documentation production.

  1. CODOC's principle of separation between content and form allows writers to focus solely on content.

  2. Document modularity by the assembly of unique, reusable source modules allows for individual tracking of each module and automatic propagation of updates in any related document.

  3. Automatic publishing in multi-format with Codoc makes it possible to utilize content efficiently by exploiting it on various media simultaneously: paper, digital, web and mobile with no time lost adapting the page layout.

Result:  the Codoc content management system gives Axess Technology's clients a major productivity boost and improved client relations

Web manuals that can be designed more quickly and easily with responsive and straightforward updates serve as meaningful pre-sale tools. A large number of clients are in the habit of searching the Internet for information on products that interest them before buying.

Much more than simple technical documentation, these manuals  also serve todemonstrate the manufacturer's commitment to customer relations.