Axess Technology: automated production and management of web records

Axess Technology, a Calenco reference Logo Axess

Axess Technology is a recognized player in the production of technical documents throughout France. With prestigious clients such as Decathlon, Areva or Alstom, Axess Technology handles all writing and translation of technical documents for their clients.

Axess Technology wanted to implement a professional content management system, to meet its needs for automation of its documentary production varied, in several languages.

THE SOLUTION: Web records with a Calenco Content Management System (CMS)

With Spelog parts catalog management software and Codoc, based on Calenco , Axess Technology offers an innovative IT environment for technical writing services.

This professional content management system meets the needs of document production automation.

  1. The principle of separating the content and form of Codoc allows editors to focus solely on the content.

  2. The modularity of documents by assembling unique and reusable source modules makes it possible to individually plot each module and automatically propagate the updates in all the documents that refer to it.

  3. The automatic publication in multi-formats Codoc makes it possible to capitalize a content by exploiting it simultaneously on different media: paper, digital, web and mobile with no time lost adapting the page layout.

RESULT: Codoc Content Management System Provides Axess Technology Customers With Significant Productivity Increase and Improved Customer Relationship

Web notices designed faster and easier, updated with great responsiveness and in a very neat way, become real pre-sales tools . A large part of the customers are accustomed to consult on the Internet information about the product that interests them before buying it.

More than just technical documents, these instructions are also also guaranteeing the seriousness of the customer relationship designed by the manufacturer .