Graph Oriented Data Base: mapping the entire documentation structure

EDF, a Calenco References
EDF, a Calenco References

As the world's leading electrician, the EDF group brings together all production, trade and electricity network professions.

EDF asked NeoDoc to develop a solution allowing its different departments, in different regions, to be able to generate a map of the entire document structure , while working collaboratively.

The documentary corpus is voluminous and complex. He asks to establish links between the documents "parents" and "children" as well as the version of each one. It was also important to take into account the peculiarities of each entity to both personalize the documents and guarantee a uniqueness of the information.

THE SOLUTION: a documentary cartography managed by a visual and flexible Content Management System by Component (SGCC), Calenco

With this solution, engineers and technical writers can generate and identify dependencies between different documents with flexibility and precision .

They immediately identify and intervene directly and quickly in many cases, for links:

  • from one document to another document;

  • from a document to a specific and clearly identified part of another document with a very fine level of targeting (paragraph or other);

  • from a paragraph to another paragraph.

RESULT: The Content Management System allows EDF teams to easily track and update their databases.

The productvity boost is straightforward.

At a glance, up-to-date links or outdated links appear clearly, and it's easy to update them.