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Updating documents Activence

Updating manuals and technical data sheets.

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Activence is an SME that distributes hundreds of types of shutters, garage doors, gates in different families, versions and variants ...

It was complicated, risky and tedious to update documents with each change of visual or change in dimensions, because the data sheets and assembly instructions were made using a simple word processor, Word, using "copy/paste".

Migrating existing Word documents to Calenco

After analyzing their content and objectives, NeoDoc suggested gradually migrating these files to the Calenco Editor available to them.

To facilitate the recuperation of existing documents created using Word, Calenco has a Word Import module. It recuperates the document's structuring if it has been correctly done originally.

In this way, all of the documents were recuperated along with their content, text, photos, maps, illustrations.

The Activence company took advantage of this step to clean up content and rework presentation.

The solution: dynamically reusing content

It allows them to dynamically reuse photos, maps, illustrations between different files in the same models.

The company quickly realized the benefit to their teams in terms ofwork ergonomics,and also in terms of profitability.

The Calenco platform caneasily produce a dozen predefined graphic chartsfor each product range, with specific color schemes and logos.

It is Calenco's configuration capacitythat made reproduction of the complex graphic chart, used for years by the company in Word, in the form of interlinked tables and sub-tables possible.

Result: Time savings and simplification

The technical editor of Activence is very positive. She quickly realized thetime savingsin the productionand theupdating of hundreds of files that she must manage.

Publishing is automatic while maintaining the company's charter.