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Thank you for your interest in the business document 4.0 writing and dissemination solution.

Calenco Saas platform for writing, tranlsating, multichannel broadcasting f corporate documents

In a communication world that is increasingly fast-moving, multilingual, and disseminated on various media (PDF, Web, Mobile), it is vital for companies to ensure the documents they publish are updated and of high quality.

On the other hand, it is important to be objective about the actual way in which strategic business content is produced.

More than 80% of companies and communities use Word-type word processing or an open-source equivalent.

With word processing, 50% of writing time is spent on the document's layout or in the search for content in various folders, to be re-used via copy-and-paste.

We are talking about time spent by engineers, lawyers, marketers, sales staff, trainers, etc.

Calenco benefits

  • Seamless, consistent quality for strategic business documents. Company charter is maintained
  • Rapid production of strategic documents. Timeliness of availability
  • Significant gains in productivity. Some clients see up to 3 times more volume processed in the same length of time.
  • Enrich your content strategic capital: Optimized content reuse
  • Simple and effective classification of your content using drag-and-droptags.
  • Automatic updating of your documents using single source content
  • Multilingual translationwith no time lost in file exchanges