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100% SaaS

100% Customizable

100% Connectable

The simple, effective solution, approved by many users to standardize and increase reliability of the creation, translation and dissemination of your strategic documents.

Accessible to all in SaaS mode starting with 1 user with no commitment or investment.

Custom-Madefor the price of Ready-to-Develop for the creation of stationary or mobile documentation portals

Publishing, Contract generator, maintenance reports, web or tablet input forms, on-demand training modules, QCM...Web or Mobile

Open system to integrate with your IS, ERP, ECM...

or retrieve data from various existing sources (Excel, CRM...) 

An employee equipped with Calenco is twice as efficient when writing and disseminating* reliable company or administrative content.

*Multiple media (Print, Web, Tablet, Smartphones) and multilingual (integrated translation platform)

Accessible to all
  • Without any particular computing skills
  • ​No commitment
  • No investment
  • ​No minimum, no limit: from 1 to several thousand users
​Strong ROI
  • Productivity X 3
  • ​Consistent presentation quality
  • Automatic update
  • Easy and reliable content reutilization

Move up to document 4.0!

Our business communication modes are changing. We must send continuously updated information quickly on various communication media (PDF, Web, Tablets...), sometimes in multiple languages. Classic word processing solutions are outdated and often result in a loss of time and risk of errors when updating strategic content. The video explains how to move up to document 4.0 while reducing your writing time, the time it takes to make available and disseminate reliable information in multiple languages.

  • Reduce the time to market
  • Increase presentation quality
  • Increase efficiency, make a difference!

The Calenco multi-format writing, translation and distribution solution is used and approved by many clients

Approved and adopted by many companies