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The problem: Writing, updating and translating manuals for maintaining procedures.

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This division of General Electric installs power plants around the world.

It must therefore design, draft and maintain complex technical facility documents, written by multiple contributors and in different languages, throughout the commissioning process.

Composed of hundreds of pages, with options and variants, its manuals were originally designed by assembling Word files. Updating them was difficult.

The solution: Interactive procedure maintenance manuals

General Electric established a central library of more than a thousand test procedures, thanks to the Calenco solution. It can then, very simply, build a contextual manual on demand , by selecting the constituent elements of the central concerned.

A first version, blank, including the checklists of installations and their subsets, is automatically generated. Users enter criteria, options and variants, using online forms to dynamically generate the specific document for each power plant.

On sites,operators enter the checklists via a Web entry interface. Procedure maintenance manuals are re-generated in various versions with eachupdateof information.

Result: reliability, responsiveness.

General Electric thus guarantees the reliability of the technical information provided to its customers. His documents are now free of copy / paste errors.

Its responsiveness is accelerated by the automatic formatting.

Procedure maintenance manuals are interactive and collaborative, everyone is involved in monitoring and updating them.