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PDF Publishing TIL Technologies:

PDF publishing of technical and training documentation

Testimonial by Til Technologies

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The company designs a range of electronic security, alarm and Building Management System products, and uses Calenco to produce user manuals and programming guides for its products.

The three-person Documentation-Training department manages records of over 1,000 pages.

Calenco brought a reliable solution, enormous flexibility and timely PDF publication of voluminous documents containing numerous images. Documents can also be published independently in Webhelp format.

Common content for technical and training

Single source

The Til Technologies documentation department proceeded in a methodical way in identifying common content used in both technical documentation and training documents.

This work structured Til Technologies' corpus of documents in order to identify reusable content.

In the Calenco solution, reusable content is stored in a single source. The documentation department writer makes an inclusion (and not more than one copy) of reusable content in the final document. Just as the image of a single object can be reflected on one or multiple mirrors. If you modify the object (single source), the image will automatically be modified on all of the mirrors.

The principle of a single source for reusable elements results in very large gains in productivity and greater reliability when updating content.

Filtering (profiling)

All content is easy to identify based on a profile (product, client, use, destination, etc.)

Thus, content can be identified by or more tags (labels) if it concerns several products and/or training for various things.

The documentation department no longer wastes time opening files to find content related to the related product or training.

With a simple click, the reusable content is gathered.

PDF or Webhelp publishing

One of the principles of structured writing is the separation of presentation and content.

The writing team can freely created technical or training content without worrying about formatting.

PDF or Webhelp publishing is done automatically in accordance with the selected stylesheet.

Whereas with Word, formatting may take more than half of the writing time before being able to publish, with Calenco, PDF publishing is done in 1 click!