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Precise structured documentation for Nuclear, Research, Defense and Space

PMB ALCEN Group, a Calenco reference Logo PMB ALCEN

PMB develops products for scientific research, defense, space and nuclear fields.

PMB produces complex mechanical components that are integrated in X-ray tubes for scanning, or in radiotherapy machines.

Precise, quality documentation is one of the company's priorities.

From start, the company was aware that it needed structured documentation to facilitate the reading and updating of information.

As for many companies, this documentation was created in Word, which was not designed for the structuring of documents.

However, teams of writers applied themselves to respecting a standard documentation structure.

Recuperating existing documents

To allow companies who have a document base in Word to recuperate it, Calenco developed a Word import solution.

The quality of PMB document writing in Word facilitated the import to Calenco and made it possible to recuperate the documents' structuring.

PMB quickly took possession of a structured document base that they were able to use immediately.

Streamline and automate the production of procedure manuals and technical data sheets

PMB has entrusted Calenco with its technical services (manufacturing, methods and quality) to streamline and automate the production of its manufacturing lines, procedure manuals and technical data sheets.

Determining reusable content

Structured documentation allowed the PMB team to modularize content and identify that which was reusable, common to various documents, with the help of simple Tags by simpledrag-and-drop

With Calenco, structured documentation is simple, enjoyable and intuitive!

The single source principle

In Word, we are accustomed to copying content and pasting in various documents to create new documents without having to re-copy the portion that is common to both, so the principle of a single source may be surprising.

However, when we have created several documents using copy/paste for content, if that content changes, we must search and open all of the documents for updating, then we quickly understand the benefit of the single source.

The reusable content only exists a single time (single source). New documents are created with an inclusion (image) of it.

When we modify reusable content in the single source, it automatically impacts every document built with the inclusion of that content.

See the single source principle illustrated with mirrors

Automatic publishing

PMB's writers write content without worrying about formatting.

Formatting is automatically done upon publication, thanks to a stylesheet based on the output format chosen (PDF, HTML, or others).


The Alcen Group's PMB documentation team optimizes their structured documentation's base to reduce delays in availability of documentation and guarantee that all of the corpus of documents is updated.

In addition, it can publish customized documentation on demand, in the desired format and disseminate it automatically using a simple link.