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What makes for an effective business proposal?

Designing an effective commercial offer

Find good advice on developing your business proposal and increasing your sales.

A business proposal is a tool that presents solutions to persuade prospects and result in sales. It turns prospects into customers. That's why an effective business proposal should be especially polished and customized so that it will persuade and encourage your future customer to sign your contract. Business proposals should be structured around the following elements:

  • Description of the customer's requirements and the context in which they will be met;
  • Detailed description of the proposed solution;
  • Clear pricing.

The goal is to focus your offer on various areas of expertise, value creation and differentiation. Clearly defining your offer helps the reader to understand what makes it unique. To stand out from the competition, it is important that the document layout is customized.

The business proposal, an essential element of the dialogue with the prospect, is often skimmed over by the latter. In many cases it lacks relevance and originality, the reader sometimes has trouble locating it. The Calenco platform, specializing in structured writing, allows you to quickly create a dynamic proposal with a quality layout in your company's colors. As a result, your prospect has clear information that is accessible with a simple click.

The opening rate is close to 100%.